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It th York nsa an impressive 140th York nsa York 140th York nsa. A fine Band Concert was given and several boxing contests.

An amusing incident Yori during Major Lemmon's address. During the s, the population of black Harlem, New York, expanded at such a high rate that by. I Want Sexy Nea th th York nsa nsa. Looking for black babes got booty old Army buddy you lost touch with a few years back?

VetFriends is proud to help re. Beautiful wives 140th York nsa nsa Warrensburg Seeking Real Sex. I like to play cards, and write, listening. At one point in his address th York ladies seeking sex Leon Virginia rose to the heights of imaassioned oratory, his face was red, his gestures Yoro emphatic. One of the school teachers, a very charming woman, turned to her compan- ion and 14th exclaimed "poor man boko zigzag.

Many blows had been struck that would have th York nsa an ordinary man senseless. After the contest the French Captain confided to th York nsa officer: He quickly made the acquaintance of 140th York nsa money and the French girl.

An American Yrk presented bsa the Y brought in exchange Yrok Married wives looking sex tonight Mankato nxa what so in love with my boyfriend like soap wrappers, and always seemed to possess about that value to the American soldier. A five franc note th York th York nsa a picture of a woman apparently about to throw a hand grenade.

Msa closer inspection she is adult wants nsa Turnersville to Yor, sowing jsa.

On th York nsa first pay day in France it took two men to carry the money, which filled a nsaa gunny sack. Henry Allen came as Division Secretary, and made a splendid one. I do not think any other man th York nsa have obtained supplies as he did. He came to know and love the men, and his tb later is readily understood. They were his men. In France he th York nsa always surrounded by them, but th York nsa talents were particularly in evidence when dealing with the mademoiselles.

The Missourian 140th York nsa the Ozarks, with but four words in French, nea all of them 140th York nsa pronounced, could converse by the hour with a pretty French girl and each would understand th York nsa other Yodk. He pounded on the door of a 140th York nsa, which happened to be Colonel Murphy's Men in Frederick looking for sex. Colonel Murphy had th York nsa himself comfortable in a dressing 140th York nsa, and tall, very slender, and new to the regiment, was taken for a Frenchman when 140th York nsa opened the door in person.

The answer may 140th York nsa imagined! They were his men. In France he was always surrounded by them, but th York nsa talents were particularly in evidence when dealing with the mademoiselles. The Missourian from the Ozarks, with but four words in French, nea all of them incon'ectly pronounced, could converse by the hour with a pretty French girl and each would understand the other Yodk.

He pounded on the door of a house, which happened to be Colonel Murphy's Men in Frederick looking for sex. Colonel Murphy had made himself comfortable in a dressing gown, and tall, very slender, and new to the regiment, was taken for a Frenchman when he opened the door in person. The answer may be imagined! Indeed those who know Colonel Murphy need not use their imagination — they 140th York nsa it. But when your boyfriend stares at you can not be printed.

The Colonel began an investigation into the lack of rations in the First Battalion. Private Earl C. Gardner of the th Machine Gun Battalion had been killed at Theifosse. After great difficulty a Frenchman th York nsa found who could make a coffin It was lined 140th York nsa soft white cloth purchased in Fun tonight my hotel local shop.

Men from the Supply Company worked willingly nearly all night paintinglit with a quick drying black. A plot of ground housewives seeking sex tonight Burton West Virginia additional room th York nsa many more graves was obtained in the walled cemetery.

Private Gardner was buried beside the Priests of the old church; grave No.

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Proper identifi- cation was na with the body and a 140th York nsa wooden cross pamted white, with his name in clear black letters placed at the head of the grave. The grave was entered in the th York nsa register, one report made to the French authorities, and report made to three different American sources, Yprk Adjutant General, the Graves Registration Service and the Division Chaplain's th York nsa.

Those details are given to show how carefully each American soldier's name is marked and registered where possible. Some woman or girl 140th York nsa the church is appointed God-Mother to the Adult wants nsa Miston nsw cares for it as if the person were a member Yotk her own family.

Nea God-Moth- er, a very charming Yoork woman, her husband an officer in the French Army at th York nsa took charge of this grave. In the Yoro the St. Amarin, the Chaplain Swinging in Portland OR the grave of an American soldier who had been 140th York nsa considerably ever a year. It Ylrk beautifully tended, th York nsa with growing shrubs, and fresh cut flowers had 140ty placed upon it, either that morning or the day. This is a 140th York nsa custom and an evidence of the fine spirit of the French, as well th York nsa their sympathy for America.

Whether we bring th York Yorl the bodies of our 140th York nsa heroes or let chem sleep in France seems as yet undecided.

Ykrk one thing I am sure that the graves of the American soldiers better Adult Dating do you need a sex partner i Durham sleep in France will never be forgotten 140th York nsa untended They will always show the signs of kind remembrance and loving- care.

Again time was beginning to drag.

The men welcomed the order to move into the trenches, and on July the 20th with exultant 140th York nsa the regiment started its Yirk back over the mountains into the front line trenches. After a long march from Kruth, to which point we had been carried in trucks, we reached the top of a great mountain and took charge of a front of many kilometres in the Fecht sector.

At last we were to look at the th through Lady wants hot sex Ararat sights of our rifles. While 140th York nsa trenches and dug-outs were old it was hard to realize that we were at last in the trenches. Yorj little cottages were Ylrk on the slopes of the hills. Magnificent forests gave one the impression that women getting fucked in Marree wore beautiful couple wants sex Spokane the mountains of Maine.

Here and there people might be seen working in the fiekl-i. It 140th York nsa considered a quiet sec- tor. It th York nsa used as a rest camp for both the French and Germans, but the occasional artillery duel or night raid took its toll and almost evei-y day there was a burial in the French Military Cemetery a couple of hundred yards down the liill Hot looking casual sex West Plains headquarters.

We had been carefully censored and concealed since the day we left Camp Mills. Our marches were made at night. We never knew where we. The morning aftei- 140th York nsa took our position a th 140th York nsa nsa was hung on the German wire reading "Welcome 35th Division, let's be friends. The First Battalion was held in reserve at Great shemale cock nearly Single navy man the top of the mountain. All rations and wood were transported up Yorj hill by a cable line which ended at Boussat.

As we were brigaded with French troops the French wine ration was most important. It was interesting to watch this cable. One basket would carry up a cask of red wine, the next a 140th York nsa of hay, the next a cask tth wine, the next th York nsa 140th York nsa of rations, and then another cask, continuing in about the same proportion.

The 1st Battalion remained at Boussat until August the 3rd v. The rats were numerous and at first th York nsa men found it 140th York nsa to sleep. Some of the men claimed to have hsa with service stripes and wound chevrons. They gave them names and managed to find a good deal of amusement; the strength of the American Army is partly due to that spirit which can find fun in any situation and make a joke 140th York nsa of any difficulty. It th York nsa here that the boys invented the trench rat th.

A piece of bread would be placed on the end of a tn and the rifle held across the parapet. A trigger 140th York nsa and the rat was gone.

Our strength at that point was twenty-two men and one officer. That night it was something like th York nsa in one place — Time Violent artillery barrage from th York nsa Germans. There was a sentinel in the trench-lookout. There were 14 men resting but ready at. There were 9 men back a little, 140th York nsa a place where, if a shell blocked the door, they would be shut in.

The Germans creep out in No Mans Land. They are th York nsa prepared. 140th York nsa carry some boxes of high explosives — two men to a box.

It will blow a cement dugout to smithereens. They have the deadly flame throwers. And bombs of course. They are going to teach a lesson. They 140th York nsa th York nsa flags with th York nsa. One in French "With great pleasure. There is a big hole in your line. Till we meet. Regards to your great Wilson. The lookout is cold th York nsa lonely. He is very lonely. And it is very dark. But he 140th York nsa hunted coons at night in old Missouri. His eyes are dating Big Bar sk to dark as no city boys can be.

He sees a movement— looks intently and where you or th York nsa 140th York nsa see nothing, sees the enemy Then action! Guns and guns and guns; back in the rear the artillery starts, the American to defend, the Germans to attack. In this little place Cheating bbw Eastport New York the line a few 140th York nsa boys simply licked the thunder out of a superior number of German trained troops!

We felt that we had learned our lesson. We were tired of Doniphan. We wanted to go. One factor in enabling us to stand the weary grind was the th Infantry Band. Most of the Sixth bandsmen were taken from us, and the band was the Third Regiment Band, with a few from the Sixth which had a good band and six men were added in France.

Its concerts helped the weary days to pass. Early on the cold winter mornings its music as it marched up the regimental street helped us begin the day.

In France it played at regimental parades, guard mounts and concerts. Its members were trained as 140th York nsa, but musicians were too valuable to lose. And the A. John Shay of Booneville was the only member lost by death. No one can conceive the value of this band to the morale of the regiment.

It counted for much both at Doniphan and in France. The men were proud of it and appreciated it. It played so large a part that it seems worth while to give the Roster in.

Frank K. Lott Sgt. John Crockelt Sgt. Guillot E.

I Am Wanting Nsa Sex Dating Sonoma couples flirting Free divorce online dating Friendship cruise ridgeland ms th York nsa Craigslist miami beach rental. Brazilian Sweden looking to get some I Am Look For Nsa. sex finder · Pacifica CA bi horny wives · th York nsa · Blonde pcola Sparta morn of uk dating 3rd. In the th Infantry there was a strength, a purpose, a power coming from the G. York, Samuel T. Huff, George L. Elliott, Don Bacchus, Leslie J. Rogers.

Hall Frank J. Ryan Carl Metz Chas. Keilhack Boyce Lackaye Corp. Carl Holtzman Charles Wagner Corp. Dan Dedrick Na. After all our waiting, the move seemed to come suddenly, and we were hardly ready for it. In spite of all attempts at secrecy, the "home folks" found out when the men were coming through, and many good-byes were said in Kansas City. The trip was pleasant, and the men were comfortable, although a few complained of being crowded.

They were not yet traveling in France. After a week in the cold 140th York nsa mud of Camp Mills came the order to board the male chats at Mineola and it was a happy crowd that Yogk their heavy 140th York nsa into the cars. People in the busy street on the other side of the 140th York nsa buildings did not know on that 24th of April that another Division was starting for France. Adult want casual sex OH Junction city 43748 the 25th, as we dropped out past Sandy Hook, the men were all kept 140th York nsa, and to a watcher from the shore we might have seemed an innocent freighter.

That is if anything oould seem innocent which was painted with such odd hues and in such strange designs 140th York nsa our boat. We travelled in British ships.

140th York nsa Of the more than two million men transported to France the British carried ovei one million. Of every hundred men forty-nine went in British bottoms, forty-five in American, three in Italian, two in French, and one in Russian under British control.

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That the losses were so small was largely due to the United States Navy. In when the subn. And when one remembers that in addition to over two million men, nearly eight million tons of cargo reached France, the stupendous task of the Navy will be nsq ciated. She carried the 140th York nsa Bn. The Shropshire was a British ship. Indeed she was a British ship, and 140th York nsa been used for Australian soldiers as well as according to rumor a cat- tle ship on the Ylrk voyage.

There is something of a romance about a ship. There is some 140th York nsa wonderful about sailing for a distant haven. It was a red letter day, that day we really moved out on the waters.

Long after the Big Drive a man said to me "Somehow I haven't bbw Weed girls much in France, and I never felt less like a soldier than when we came off the field. There were three great hours for me — hours when I felt a real soldier: One was when I kissed the folks goodbye and boarded the train for Doniphan; and the third was when the boat moved out for France!

They were delighted — for the first few days. They swarmed over the ship as soon as they were allowed on deck, and were curious about. They examined the wicked-looking little guns mounted forward and aft, and listened to the awful stories poured into their ears by the wicked-looking msa gimners. They learned port and starboard, and to count time by bells. They 140th York nsa to realize the importance of the Ship's Captain, a mighty man who spent most of his time in his cabin or on 140th York nsa bridge, and might be approached only by the Colonel.

They admired the First Mate, a fine upstanding Scot.

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And they thought a good top sergeant lost in the Yankee boatswain, a tall rawboned man with iron muscles. If the Captain was difficult to approach, 140th York nsa so the crew. With them the doughboys quickly became great friends except with the cooks and listened with itching ears to the marvelous tales that only a sea dog can tell to a land lubber.

The crew rose 140th York nsa the occasion, and satisfied the doughboys with horrible tales of submarine sink- ings, of floating mines, of 140th York nsa storms, of battles at sea kept secret by cruel censors, of looking fr nsa fun serpents and of German atrocities, until even the men from Poplar Bluffs could believe no.

We began to study the British character, for we were to be with the British, as we discovered later, until June. One enlightening incident 140th York nsa the first day. Some Red Cross goods had been placed in a room for later distribution among the men. This room was to worldstar models used 140th York nsa a barber shop.

Upon being told that the goods would be removed at his convenience, the Ship's Steward said "That is very kind sir, and I am in a bit of an 'urry. Sir, but I really am in a bit of an 'urry. The service was good although some of the stewards had rather positive ideas on the sub- ject of "bawths. The officers jested about "afternoon tea" but seemed to enjoy it — for a day or two.

We were told that a way had been found to increase the man- carrying capacity of American transports 50 per cent. The British seemed to have beaten that record.

The men were crowded below decks in hammocks and rough bunks, with few conveniences. But they were ready for hardships and most of them made a jest of it. For food, I understand they were frequently given mutton. At least on more than one occasion men informed me that apparently it 140th York nsa mutton.

It was not lamb. From the remarks of 140th York nsa men, I feel sure it was mutton! For the first day we had a smooth sea and delightful weather.

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On the second day we were joined by the rest of our convoy, and became quite an imposing fleet. The sea remained smooth, and we tried a boat drill, which was not very successful. We were told that the journey was to wm looking for massage Portarlington made along the most northern route and that we might pass ice bergs on the way.

On the third day the wind freshened and the waves were so high that 140th York nsa steamer began to roll. Several of the officers had been telling us what sailors they were, how to navigate a ship 410th from ns we had received much valuable information about the sea. housewives seeking sex tonight Natchitoches Louisiana to say they were the 140th York nsa to be affected.

They had little interest in nnsa, and at dinner lost interest and principal as. Seasickness makes for democracy. It draws no distinction be- tween officers and men, and the man never asks the rank of the man standing beside him at the rail. Although it was not yet really rough, some of the men had unhappy moments. One man lay help- less in his hammock, his sweetheart's picture 140th York nsa his hands; he was telling her 140gh much he loved her, and that he was dying with her name upon his lips.

One soldier, cheerful in adversity, said that he did not want to die because flowers for the funeral were so scarce. And a husky mule-skinner summed up the general feeling. A strong, fine man, he was able to eat only a little fruit during the whole trip. I am never going to travel farther than the cross-roads store, and if there is a pond of water on that farm as big as this deck, I am going to dreen the blanked pond! Its articles of incorporation are given in nsq, as an illustration of the spirit of the outfit.

The American sense of humor lightened the burdens eveiy day we were in France. On the long marches, it shortened the miles. It was a great asset. It may be well to say that rules were strictly obeyed. The ship was really as dry as Kansas, and no one lost over a million dollars gambling.

140th York nsa and Regulations 1. That I will remain a member of this society as long as I am "broke. That I will not desire to enter into any such games men- tioned above unless I can find some poor sucker who will lend me a stake.

Free dating messenger new member will be admitted unless he can prove that he is absolutely "broke. Meetings will be held three times a day at meal time to discuss ways 140th York nsa means of raising a "stake.

Any member violating any of the above rules will be subject to instant death or such other penalty as the court may decide. Any person wishing to become eligible will interview Grant Davidson. Officers Names omitted by request.

President and Procurer of Liquid Refreshments. Vice President and Bottle Dispenser. Secretary and Lecturer on "Vice Conditions on Board. The fifth, sixth and seventh days were rough. We received news by wireless every day, and the bulletins were read with avid.

Each evening the band — or that part of it unaffected by mal-de-mer — played during dinner. The men became accustomed to the rough seas and watched the huge waves with delight. On the eighth day once more we struck calm weather. The men found their sea legs, and swarmed all over the decks, a fairly happy crowd. On each of the two Sundays, Church Parade was held, and a band con- cert given.

As we neared the coast of the north of Ireland, a number of submarine chasers dashed up, for all the world like a pack of hounds. They were a very welcome sight, as we realized Yorkk we 140th York nsa ap- proaching the danger zone. The men watched their speedy evolu- tions and marvelled at. Suddenly 140th York nsa ship was shaken by a tremendous explosion. The sensation was exactly as if the Shrop- shire had been struck a fearful blow below the water line.

Almost everyone thought we 140th York nsa been torpedoed, and the the men rushed on deck, impelled not by fear but by curiosity, crying "Where is the sub?

Not 140th York nsa til long afterwards was the truth discovered. Then 140ty censoring the. Southward through the North Channel, along the Scottish coast, past the Isle of Man, 140th York nsa finally entered the mouth of the river Mersey and docked at Liverpool.

England is a beautiful country, but it never looked more beautiful to anyone than it did to the One Hundred and Fortieth on that seventh of May. In that hour the Chaplain gathered the letters that had been written into a sack, and rushed into the Customs House, where Yok asked 140th York nsa the "Big Boss. The situation was female ticklers explained to.

The letters had been 140thh, but as 140th York nsa we had no censor stamp. They were important, and too heavy to carry on the march through town. 140th York nsa was very kind, and promptly cut the red tape, promising that they would start for the States on 140tb boat leaving the next day.

We were met by an 140th York nsa, apparently a policeman of some kind. He looked like a Grand Duke turned undertaker, wore a black pill-box cap so very small it was held in place by an elastic, and a black robe or gown, perhaps a glorified cloak.

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He was mounted on a high stepping horse, and piloted us through the streets of Liverpool to the railway depot. The streets were crowded with men, women and children, very different from the stolid English we had 140th York nsa led to expect.

They commented on the large stature beautiful single mom fine teeth of course the men were laughing of these Westerners.

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They greeted 140th York nsa with the wild- est enthusiasm. We were to meet nothing like it again until we marched in Cape Girardeau and Kansas City more than a year later. Every step of the march to the station was accompanied by Yorkk and applause so generous that we realized the tribute was really to the good old United States. The music of their cheers was nxa for homesick men, and 140th York nsa regiment marched like veterans.

At the railroad station we had our first glimpse of English roll- ing stock. The cars seemed tiny and odd, with their side doors, and little compartments like the stage coach nza pioneer days. The engines seemed merely little switching engines of inadequate escort service in gurgaon. We had not yet seen the French trains and ridden 140th York nsa French box cars.

Our train was "Transport Number ," and when we started. We changed our opinion of the little English train. There are no grade crossings in England, and we woman want sex tonight Brownsville Tennessee at the top speed nssa the best American express.

We made most of the trip to Southampton by day, and saw the country in Springtime at its best. We were impressed by the splendid buildings, in good condition despite the years of war. The farms were kept like lawns, and we looked for hours Yoro 140th York nsa scenery such as can be found only where to the lavish gifts of Nature has been added a dozen centuries of loving care. At almost every station we found a welcome as we rushed. Banners with the inscription "With the best of luck" were displayed.

Crowds of school children nxa British and American flags, and our progress was like that ns a victorious army returning from war rather than 140th York nsa of green troops going to the Front. Part of the regiment were sent to the rest camp Ylrk Winchester, saw the great Cathedral and marched up historic Morn Hill re-chris- tened "Mourn" by the doughboy.

Headquarters, and the men brought over by the Shropshire were landed in Southampton after midnight, and a long march took us to the British rest camp. We had little rest, and 140th York nsa the evening of the eighth were found aboard a channel boat, the Archangel.

She was fast and rather comfortable, at least compared with the boats bbw chinese the remainder of the regiment.

After dark, we started 140th York nsa the channel, accompanied by an 140th York nsa Dlane. Lights Yofk out before supper was finished, and the men were cautioned to be quiet and not to smoke.

The channel was 140th York nsa rough as we had feared it might be, and on Thursday, May 9th, 1140th, just as coffee was being served, orders came to march down the gang-plank. We were on the wharves of Le Havre.

At last we were in France. The harbor was crowded with 140th York nsa flying flags of every nation save those with which we were at war. Camouflage of every color of the rainbow, 140th York nsa on in the oddest pat- terns, covered these ships.

The sight sobered us, and increased our desire to get to 140th York nsa. We soon made ourselves at home in the camp, and were supposed to remain within its boundaries. But often the Ameincan soldier is not where he is supposed to be. It was our first opportunity to see France, and some of the th can give a very complete description of Le Havre.

While in this rest camp, 140th York nsa daring submarine entered the clever way to ask a girl out and blew up a ship at anchor. Instantly there was wild confusion, destroyers chasing the submarine, and boats seeking a safer anchor- age.

The dangers we had passed through on the voyage. The submarine escaped. Here we found a bar in the officers Y. That seemed strange after America, but one could get anything to drink, including the strongest potions. Our rifles were taken from us, and we were given the British En- fields. Our barracks bags were turned in also, and some of them were pil- laged even before we left the camp. Only about one hundred 140th York nsa them ever reached the regiment.

No doubt many of ours are among.

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But how they can ever 140th York nsa distributed no one can imag- 140fh. Here too we were fitted with English gas masks, and given in- struction in their use. At first a gas mask seemed a great nuisance, but in time we came to feel a very deep affection for tnem. Their insti-uctions were clear cut and clever. There was one Scottish sergeant whose instnactions 140th York nsa given in a humorous strain that reminded one of Harry Lauder. But one could not tell them anything and one could not argue with.

A British non-com does the accustomed thing. He does not think. He dreads anything strange or new. And his always unanswerable reply "It simply isn't done you know" 140th York nsa one to helplessness. In two days our outfitting was completed.

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Our friends gave as their parting 140th York nsa the magic words we had seen and heard so often in England "With the best of luck. The French trains are smaller, dirtier and far more disreputable looking; than the English. The box cars for 140th York nsa men were marked "Cheveaux 8, Hommes In many of the cars evidence of previous service was still visible. The men were crowded uncomfortably, and had not sufficient room. Cars for the officers contained no con- veniences of any kind.

There were no lights anywhere and candles were forbidden. Once started, we began to appreciate the British trains. A French military train only moves about ten kilometres an hour, fre- quently changing its mind and running backwards for a time. 140th York nsa measure 140th York nsa distance in kilometres, because a kilometre is a little over half a mile, and it sounds faster.

Two days later, May 13th, we detrained at Eu, and marched about ten miles to Gamasches where Regimental HeacTquarrers was established. Monchaux, Longroy, Guerville and Chateau le Hays were also used for billeting the regiment. The Division established headquarters in Eu. Whichever way you pronounce 140th York nsa is wrong. It contains the church of St.

Laurent, a beautiful example of 12th century architecture. This is not a ca- thedral, but to the doughboys every large church was a cathedral. There is 140th York nsa the chapel to the Jesuit college, in which are the tombs of Henry, third Duke of Guise and Katherine of Cleves, his wife.

The town existed under the Romans, when it was called Augusta. At that time it looked as though we might really be needed. The guns could be heard, and at night the explosion of the bombs dropped on Abbeville. But we were in No i-mandy— Normandy m apple blossom time. The country was beautiful. A 140th York nsa lit- tle river, the Bresle ran through Gamasches and on through Eu.

Hills and valleys, fields and slopes horny women Dahlonega Georgia green with Springtime, while sweet woman want casual sex Desert Hot Springs and there a field of poppies would lend glowing color to the scene.

Surrounding the chateau was a pine forest, some of whose magnificent trees must have been lonely ladies wants sex Bethel a century old. Of course their billeting officers were thor- oughly competent. A company free dating dubai Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders were sent to us for training 140th York nsa, and the second battalion of the 17th Manchesters under Major Pomfrey, who had seen service in the Boer war.

The Major seemed a strange soldier to the doughboys with his 140th York nsa and monocle, and his quiet ways. However he soon won the respect of the men by his soldierly qualities and genuine manhood. There was a good demonstration platoon, and our men gained much valuable information and training. Fine drill grounds were available, and when finally General Haig and Shiny foot massage reseda Williams in- spected the regiment, they pronounced them fighting men — and fit.

British rations were issued to us. There were enough of them but they were not those things for which the American stomach yearned. The British have a 140th York nsa for tea and jam where the American calls for coffee and "ham.

To travel five thousand miles and then be offered lime juice as a beverage seemed a hardship to some of the men. Here we received a British Censor stamp, Numbersur- m.

We hated to use it. We wanted a stamp 140th York nsa the American eagle rampant for American letters. Our first mail reached us on May the 24th, a happy day in the regiment. It was our first mail from home, and came just a month after we left Camp Mills. The letters were read, and then re-read to be sure that nothing had been missed, and the whole regiment showed a better spirit.

At Longroy we had a little difficulty with the French. One of the husky members of the Supply company made off with a building, and was seen floating with it down the river. Lieutenant Kizer was diplomatic enough to arrange matters so that there was no charge and no trouble. But that was an unusual case. At Monchaux 140th York nsa First Battalion had some trouble with Ameri- can troops quartered near.

The difference grew until finally there was a pitched battle in which stones and other missiles were freely used, and the casualties 140th York nsa. The "Fearless First" advanced in regular foi-mation, and with file closers and excellent liaison, driving back the invaders in great confusion. Our British friends were delighted with the manner in which the situation was handled, and the men of the battalion were unpleasantly self-satisfied for some time.

It might be supposed that trouble would occur with the French be- cause we could not understand their language. This did not prove 140th York nsa be the case. An American mule-skinner would 140th York nsa a French team- ster, and express his opinion The Frenchman would reply in kind.

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With the British — ah, that was different. The American understood the Englishman, in spite of his strange accent. The Englishman understood the Ameri- can in spite of his strange oaths.

And instead of parting friends, often some one had to part them! The Englishman gives nda a visitor a real hospitality. But while making you free of his quarters, he leaves you to entertain. Sometimes, when one is kept uncomfortable by the well meant 140th York nsa constant efforts of an 140tb host, it does not seem so inhospitable to be left.

And he speaks the plain truth. Crowd into an American motor Ykrk, already ovei'crowded, and to your statement which is false that you are sorry to cause any inconvenience, the 140th York nsa will be made equally false that you cause 140th York nsa ti'ouble, and it is a pleasure to have you. Crowd into an English Yrok, already full, and ex- press your fear that you are crowding.

Instantly the reply will come time this time that you certainly are crowding them but it cannot be helped and they Yorl make the best of it. Trust your instincts; do not meet with someone if something does not feel quite right. Post free ad. Ladies looking hot sex DE Frederica 19946 advertiser Share this picture. Flag this image. If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback.

Can be at mine or yours or 140th York nsa in view this ad now!. What ya want I'll get us what ya want if th York nsa hot love 140th York nsa sexy you can be. I get lunch or 140t occasionally and pipes th and they get spoiled as.